Friday, April 25, 2014
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Debit Card

Our Health Savings Accounts include an optional debit card account which is issued by our custodian, HSA Bank. The debit card can be used to pay for qualified medical expenses at your healthcare provider, pharmacist or at other businesses that accept Visa cards, or to reimburse yourself for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses. You will need to fund the debit card/checking account if you wish to take advantage of the convenience of having a debit card or checks with your HSA.   This is completely optional.  The Debit card/checking account is separate from and does not access your Vanguard funds. 

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Debit card fees

How do I activate my debit card?

To activate your debit card, dial 1-866-985-2273 from your home phone (must match the home phone number on file) and follow the prompts. Enter your card number, social security number and date of birth. If you cannot call from your home phone, please contact our Client Assistance Center at 1-877-247-1336, Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 9 p.m., Central Time.

How can I order Additional Debit Card(s)?

Log in to Internet Banking and complete the Debit Card and Check Order Form located under “Resources” in the top navigation bar. Debit Cards for the accountholder and first authorized signer are free. A Debit Card for an additional authorized signer(s) is $6.00.

Where is my card accepted?

Your debit card is accepted at ATMs and by medical providers who accept Visa (e.g., doctor's offices, pharmacies, medical supply stores).

How do I change or select a new Personal Identification Number (PIN)?

You will select your PIN during debit card activation. You can also change your PIN by calling 1-866-985-2273 from your home telephone. There is a $2 fee each time you use the debit card with your PIN. To avoid this fee, complete the transaction by running the card as a credit card.

How can I pay for medical expenses without being charged a transaction fee?

  • Ask the merchant or provider to run your card as they would run a credit card. As long as you do not enter your PIN, you will not be charged a $2 transaction fee. If the medical providers/merchants only accept debit card transactions, you have the option to pay out-of-pocket and reimburse yourself from your HSA funds later via check or online transfer. This way, you avoid the $2.00 fee.

  • After you receive a bill for a qualified medical expense in the mail, fill in your debit card number and return the payment portion of your notice to the address noted on the bill.

  • There is no transaction fee for sending in a check with your bill. The cost for 50 duplicate checks is $7.95.

Why doesn’t my card work at certain locations?

To safeguard from improper or accidental card use, debit cards are restricted to merchants providing medical products and services. If you need to purchase an eligible medical expense from a non-medical merchant, you can make an out-of-pocket purchase and reimburse yourself from your HSA funds later.

What if I don’t have enough funds in my HSA to purchase what I need?

You can pay part of the expense from your HSA and the remaining portion through an alternative payment method. You can also pay for the entire expense using an alternative payment method and then reimburse yourself from your HSA later. Or, ask the medical provider if you can set up a payment plan.

Are there limits on how much I can spend on my debit card?

Yes.  There is a daily limit of $2,000 for point-of-sale purchases and $300 at an ATM.  If you have a larger medical expense you need to pay, contact customer service at least 48 hours before you plan to pay your bill. Debit card transactions are also limited to your current daily account balance.

Can I overdraw my debit account?

Yes, it is possible to overdraw and incur fees on your account if your HSA account has insufficient funds to cover the transaction when processed.  To avoid fees, we strongly encourage you to carefully monitor your account balance and any debit card purchases. 

Is there a maximum number of transactions per day?

You are able to make 5 transactions per day. Any additional transactions will be denied.

What if I use my card for an ineligible expense?

Funds used for non-qualified medical expenses must be reported in your annual income tax filing and are subject to income tax and IRS penalties. To prevent this, complete a Distribution Reversal Form and submit before April 15th of the following calendar year.

Who do I notify if my card is lost or stolen?

To report a lost or stolen debit card, please contact the Client Assistance Center at 1-877-247-1336, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT. During non-business hours, please call 1-800-523-4175.

Transactions to your card will immediately be prevented. The bank will order a new debit card which will generally be received within two weeks.  

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