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Investment Pick on Clark Howard An article on Clark Howard's site discusses how to invest your Health Savings Account. Health Savings Administrators is a top pick with our 22 Vanguard Funds.
22 Vanguard Funds
At Health Savings Administrators you have access to 22 Vanguard Funds - and unlike some of the competition, there is no required checking account.
Live Customer Service
We make it easy to reach a live person when you call. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and we staff our call centers with experienced, friendly and educated people.....just like you!
Ranked Best HSA by Kiplingers You can build a portfolio with 22 low-cost Vanguard mutual funds - and you can invest immediately, instead of waiting to accumulate a large balance.

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Vanguard® Funds

Your Health Savings Account has two components: a mutual fund investment account and an optional debit card/checking account.  You can make contributions to either or both components.

For the mutual fund investment account, we offer 22 Vanguard® no load mutual funds, twelve of which are Admiral Class. There is no minimum deposit required to invest in any of these funds. While invested in the Vanguard® funds, your money remains available for your use or it can grow tax-deferred for your future use.

The Vanguard Group provides investors with access to some of the leading money managers from around the world. They utilize a multi-manager approach to investing to provide greater diversification within each portfolio. Click here to read the current prospectus on funds that interest you prior to investing. 

Securities offered through The Vanguard Group, Member NASD SIPC Security products: Are Not insured by FDIC or any Federal Government Agency; May Lose Value; Are Not a Deposit of or Guaranteed by the Bank or any Bank Affiliate.

Health Savings Administrators does not provide investment advice and is not responsible for the loss or gain on any of these funds.

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Contribution limits and options

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Mutual fund fees

Is there a limit on the number of funds in which I can invest?

Yes. You can invest in up to four Vanguard® funds at any one time.  

How do I change my Investment Options?

  • Online - Click here to log in to your account.  Under Manage your Account, select ”Exchange between Funds". With this option you can move money from one Vanguard® fund to another, or to the debit card/checking account.
  • Paper Form – Submit an Investment Change Form. With this option you can move money from one Vanguard® fund to another, or to/from the debit card/checking account. You can also change the allocation of funds for future contributions.
  • To change the fund allocation of future contributions – Under Manage your Account, select ”Change Fund Allocation".

 How do I make a withdrawal from my account?

  • Online - Click here to log in to your account.  Under Manage Your Account, select "Reimburse Yourself”.
  • Paper Form - Submit a Withdrawal Form.

How will I receive my reimbursement?

  • Direct Deposit – Reimbursement funds can be sent to your personal bank account electronically if your ACH account has been set up. To set up, submit a completed ACH form and allow 2-3 weeks for completion.
  • Paper Check - There is a $10.00 per check processing fee, which is deducted from the amount of the reimbursement. To avoid this fee and have funds deposited directly to your personal bank account, submit a completed ACH form and allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

 Will I receive statements on my account?

Yes. If you elected e-mail delivery, a notification will be sent to you when your quarterly statement is available to be viewed online.  Otherwise, you will receive your quarterly paper statement at your home address ($10 annual fee applies). 

Note: You may also receive a quarterly paper statement from our custodian bank which reflects the balance in the debit/card checking account and all activity on your HSA. If you prefer not to receive the paper statement from HSA Bank, click here to log in to your Internet Banking account, go to Profile, then Statement Preferences and select the preferred method of delivery.

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