Friday, November 21, 2014
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Investment Pick on Clark Howard An article on Clark Howard's site discusses how to invest your Health Savings Account. Health Savings Administrators is a top pick with our 22 Vanguard Funds.
22 Vanguard Funds
At Health Savings Administrators you have access to 22 Vanguard Funds - and unlike some of the competition, there is no required checking account.
Live Customer Service
We make it easy to reach a live person when you call. We pride ourselves on superior customer service and we staff our call centers with experienced, friendly and educated people.....just like you!
Ranked Best HSA by Kiplingers You can build a portfolio with 22 low-cost Vanguard mutual funds - and you can invest immediately, instead of waiting to accumulate a large balance.

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Health Savings Administrators Fees

  • Annual Administration Fee: $45.00

    • Administrative fees are payable in advance.  The annual fee is invoiced upon opening of the account and each year on the account anniversary.  Fees not paid within 60 days will be deducted from the account.

      Enter HSA Account Number:


  • Mutual Fund 
      • Custodial fee: 0.0008 per quarter times account balance (80 cents per $1000), capped at $20,000 account balance per fund. Mutual Fund Account maintenance fees will be deducted from the account balance each quarter.

      • Withdrawal requests are deposited directly to your personal checking account at no additional charge.  To set up direct deposit, complete ACH form.  Effective May 1, 2013, there is a $10.00 processing charge for paper withdrawal checks.   

  • Debit Card 
      • No Monthly Fees

      • When making a purchase,  ALWAYS specify CREDIT to avoid the $2.00 PIN transaction fee.

      • For a complete fee schedule please refer to the information provided in your Welcome Letter or click here for a full listing of debit card fees*. 

  • Other Fees 
    • Transfer to another HSA Custodian or Close Account: $25.00
    •  Quarterly Debit Card statements are mailed or emailed at no charge. There is an additional fee to receive monthly statements via the US Postal Service.
    •  Quarterly statements for all Mutual Fund accounts are provided via email at no charge. Paper copies are available by mail for $10.00 annually.